SkyHook Imaging

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High Resolution Imagery from a lofty point of view

SkyHook Imaging

 Using lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to   capture High Resolution Imagery

Surfing and Sports shoots

Special events


Real Estate



Construction Services:  

  Flyover with light weight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), photo/video processing, photos posted to    a DropBox  for down load will produce for your company

(FAA Exemption No. 11660)

See Our SURF videos

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Remember to bump up your resolution


Bad Dog Productions

Photo/video post processing.

Cell 760-403-5297

For more construction services Visit:

Lloyd & Associates General Contracting and Design

Bad Dog Productions

Pricing – Photographic & Video work. Each project has its own challenges therefore it has worked best                         to charge and hourly fee for all services with an estimated cap.

Typical hourly fees   $125.00

1. SkyHook Imaging - Site work min. two hour fee. Hourly rate applies per photographer. Including one way drive time for local shoots.

2. BadDog Productions - Post processing final product estimates:

1. One Minute                                                          - $200.00

2. Five minute                                                         -  $900.00

3. Ten minute short                                           - $1,500.00

Availability: one week notice for local shoots. Last minute notice (surfs up) min. 3 hour fee.

Finished files posted to YouTube or the social media of your choice

File delivery by Dropbox or Thumb Drive in the format of your choice


Call for services evaluation and cost estimate

          Thank you

       Mike Lloyd  

            Cell- 760-403-5297



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